GLS 1913 Legacy Project

The Great Lakes Storm of 1913 Remembrance Committee has established a Heritage Legacy Fund.

We have asked the Town of Goderich to work with Huron County to re-purpose the Marine Museum to create a Marine Heritage Resource Centre. The story of the Goderich Harbour & Waterfront; and the colourful tales of the Huron County shoreline are itching to be told: From the history of salt, to the transportation of grain, ship-building ventures along the Lake Huron shores, commercial fishing, visionary adventures like Narcisse Cantin at St. Joseph, or the Port Albert Harbour saga, and waterfront heroes.

We have an exciting and vibrant maritime history that needs to be shared.

We believe that a Marine Heritage Resource Centre is the way to tell these stories. It would be a popular regional attraction – a sound economic investment in heritage tourism.

Our initial funding goal is simply to “GIVE OUR SHIP A LIFT”, draw attention to the need for action, and, to get the ball rolling as the Town of Goderich undertakes a Waterfront Master Plan Review in 2015.

You can DONATE online on our FUNDRAZR page, OR, if you want to use the traditional way, MAIL YOUR CHEQUE to:

The Centre for Employment & Learning
41 West Street
Goderich, Ontario N7A 2K5
Phone: 519.524.2515

Just mark: “GLS1913 Legacy Fund” in the memo line.

Thanks for helping to preserve our marine heritage!

-Paul Carroll, GLS1913 Committee Member