Welcome ALL to this “Gathering” of Mariners, Friends & the General Public

The Port of Goderich & Lake Huron Shore Communities, will honour the lost souls & ships of “The Great Storm 1913” over an extended period in 2013.

This centenary event will commence in September and October – and will culminate in a special series of Remembrance activities, November 8, 9 and 10, 2013.

We are proud to honour the memories of up to 300 mariners lost; and over 40 ships affected; of which a dozen or more foundered, and were totally lost, in the Great Lakes Storm of 1913.

Our ‘Remembrance’ includes a broad range of activities for Heritage, Cultural, Arts and a Marine Job Fair & Trade Show called “Careers on the Water and Beyond”, to commemorate the horrific storm of 1913, also known as the “White Hurricane”.

This 3-day tempest wrought havoc, and brought a legacy of death and destruction to the shores of the Upper Great Lakes on November 8, 9, and 10. It was an event that affected the lives of hundreds of widows, families and friends in communities around the lakes.

Its outcomes changed the very face of maritime life on the Great Lakes.

Join us as we commemorate this significant centennial.

Check out our event calendar to plan to attend several of the special events. For updated information on Participants and Sponsors click here. Be sure to check often as it is being updated daily!

11 thoughts on “Welcome ALL to this “Gathering” of Mariners, Friends & the General Public

  1. Elizabeth DeWyse

    Dear Sir,
    I am interested in finding out more about the storm of 1913. My grandmothers brother, Joseph Griffin was a sailor on one of the ships that sunk. He drowned. I am trying to find out the name of the ship he was on. I found a page of information about this storm in a book called: OUR HISTORICAL HERITAGE , Parish of ST. Joseph’s , Kingsbridge, 1905 – 1980. Any information would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Elizabeth DeWyse

  2. Anne Duke Judd

    We hope people from your group can join us in Kincardine when we commemorate the Great Storm of November 1913 as seen through the eyes of thirteen-year-old Lucy Clark. Barbara Aggerholm has created a story of high drama and heroism taking readers from Cleveland, Ohio, to Kincardine, Ontario, through the infamous “white hurricane”. The launch celebration takes place Sunday, August 25 from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. at the historic Paddy Walker House, 235 Harbour Street, Kincardine.

    For more information, please visit http://www.brucedalepress.ca

    Thank you and good wishes,
    Anne Duke Judd, publisher, The Brucedale Press

  3. Laurel Kaiser

    Beautifully done site and an awesome endeavor to commemorate the storm event’s casualties and importance in maritime history.

    Great to see individuals giving their time to bring attention to the heritage of individuals and the communities they live in.

    Best of successes in your upcoming events,

    Laurel Kaiser
    Education Coordinator,Sarasota Sailing Squadron -Sarasota Fl.

  4. Chicago

    I’m excited to see all the collaboration going on with different organizations in regards to this historic event. However, I am curious why the Port Huron Museum is not listed as a collaborator or given recognition when you are using their logo for their temporary exhibit (Storm of 1913 Remembered) all over your webpage? I assume it is their image, since it features the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse in it, and it is found repeatedly in their material for this exhibit. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel they should be given credit for their exhibit and hard work towards it.

  5. Kevin Hayes

    My great uncle George Hayes, sailor on the Argus perished in the storm. He never married, and my brother Larry Hayes and I are his closest living relatives. We visited the museum in Goderich some 15 years ago or so, and were impressed with the information on the Great Storm. Our great uncle washed up on the shore at Kincardine. The family retained the press clipping to this day. In it, it informs us that on Friday, presumedly November 14, his brother John Hayes made a trip to Kincardine, as it was reported that several bodies wearing Argus lifebelts washed ashore there. Upon his arrival he was directed to an undertaking establishment where the lifeless forms of ten men were lying on small cots. He instantly recognized the badly lacerated body of his brother, and instantly made preparations to have the body returned to Croswell, Michigan. His body suffered numerous cuts and lacerations from the beating it took from the wave interaction with the pebbles on the beach there.

    Well, this is getting quite lengthy. Anyhow, my brother and I will be attending memorial events in Port Huron on Saturday the 9th, and it would be altogether fitting and proper to join you on the Canadian side as well on the 10th. We may try to convince ourselves to make that similar trip my great uncle John made 100 years ago to your good land with your good people, to mourn what could have been, and to celebrate lives that have since been saved by the lessons learned from the tragedy. I cannot guarantee our attendance at this time, but I hope it will happen. God bless you.

  6. Nancy in Fl

    I enjoyed reading “MAC”. My Grandpa was Mack My Mom was Lucille MacDonald Durst, we lived in Detroit. 1956 When I would come up for a visit I would head to the dock. I remember taking fishermen out to the breakwaters in the tugs 10cents round trip. Going to Uncle Bert’s boathouse, snack bar for ice cream cones.
    Mack and my Uncle Norman Mac Donald were fishermen & had a fishing “red shanty” where they would dry the nets, repair nets & pour lead weights (over a fire, heat lead & pour into a mold). Then attach the weights & floats to nets. Also my cousins Daniel-Mack MacDonald and Chester MacDonald would go out with them on occasion. When Chester passed I thought “THE LAST MAC DONALD HAS LEFT THE LAKE” but now I know there will always be a MacDonald on the lake. On my last visit 2002 Chester tried to take me out on a tug, got a hold of Donald Bert but the weather…… On my next visit I will come by for a chat. Hope to meet you soon. Nancy in Fl

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